Sound Mixer

BTS Photographer

James Tran is an independent Producer, Sound Mixer and Behind-the-Scenes Photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. James has proven himself to be a dedicated and reliable crew member, having worked on dozens of professional, independent and corporate video projects. A highly sociable and enthusiastic worker, James never misses an opportunity to meet new creative people or add to his folio.

For James, producing video content is a cocktail of professionalism, respect, conflict resolution and compromise. Though he's passionate about all aspects of film and video production, James' drive is to fill the underappreciated but no-less-important roles of any project. As producer for Clipped.TV, he creates professional behind-the-scenes content for music video directors.

Whether you are a big budget production in need of reliable crew, a small business looking for affordable videography, or a creative agency in need of a competent and attentive producer, James Tran is more than willing to assist you from pre-production to post-production.

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Melbourne, Australia